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Our Styling Staff

At Cowlicks Japan we pride ourselves on the quality of our hair services. We aim to provide you with the best Japanese styling and techniques possible, so all of our staff has trained and worked in Japan. We also believe that training is an ongoing process so our staff regularly train and explore new trends.

In addition, all stylists are trained colorist's and are fully capable of providing perm services, so that they can work with you as you explore styling options.

Our Bodywork Staff

Like our stylists, all of our therapists have trained and worked in Japan and continue their training to provide our clients with deep, sensative and healing serives. You can choose to come for a relaxing session or work with the staff to create a program just for you.


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Our Advantages


Our staff is highly trained, thoughtful and patient. They are here to work with and motivate you. Style is what we do.


We carry a wide range of Japanese products specifically selected to provide the best service.


Cowlicks Japan is coviently located in Chelsea, near a number of subway and bus lines. We pride ourselves on keeping our salon clean and neat.

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Cowlicks Japan
137 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-367-2123
Reservations: reservations@cowlicksjapan.com


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Email: reservations@cowlicksjapan.com